Synergy infra Corporate Office Building Highlights

  • Basement+stilt+4floors,
  • Each floor of 2500sft
  • No backup DG set/ UPS for any computer except server
  • Around 60% of energy from solar photo voltaic modules with grid interactive system
  • Lighting control based on access card, lux level & presence detectors.. Also from desktop
  • Fans control from desktop
  • Arming & disarming by operation of rolling shutter..
  • Once arming is done, entire power is off at basement, to ensure switch off of all devices and thus safe and save energy
  • All occupancy sensors work as intrusion sensors,
  • VRV AC units are centrally controlled based on availability of solar power/ regular power and switch off units/ raise the temp based on priority
  • Controlled fresh air based on co2 level
  • Water pumps are controlled through level controllers

Our Mission is to develop most Cost effective and Innovative designs to benefit our customers, Involve till the completion of projects for better Quality, Reliability and Safety of the systems. Educate clients, train manpower to understand the importance of energy / water conservation, in nation building.